Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pleasant surprises for an allergy mum

It's October and I'm a little fatigued by the number of birthday parties we've been to. Our son is 2 and I think we've been to nearly 10 this year! I've read of other mums just saying no to parties, but our son is very sociable and really does love going... of course! But each party brings extra work and stress for the parents of allergy kids. There are a lot of reasons to complain about the in-sensitivity of many people we meet, but today, I had the priviledge to think about the generosity and sensitivity of people we've met.

We went to a 3 year old birthday party today of a boy our child met through childcare. I had never met the parents, nor any of the other people at the party so I was a little hesitant about going - it's hard enough when we know only half the people there, and we have to be on super alert to watch that our son doesn't touch anything that's going to kill him. When it's all strangers... I did tell the mum before hand that she didn't need to order any food for our son since we'd be bringing all his food.

I still am amazed... during the party, the birthday boy's mother came up with a special present just for our son, since he wasn't able to eat the party food.... it was a toy monster truck! Our son's absolute favourite at the moment. So in the end, rather than our son feeling like he had been left out, he left feeling like he was the most special boy in the world... well, along side the birthday boy :-)

Then it reminded me of another mum who specifically asked what brand and flavour jelly our son can eat and made those jellies for her daughter's birthday party. Plus, the goody bag had raisins in it, the exact brand that our son has.

Such special effort from people I have just met or I have known for a while... it doesn't make any difference. But it's nice to take the time to remember just how many lovely and considerate people are out there, and that we are blessed in extra ways because of the allergies our son has.

Thank you Maria and Helene, your consideration has warmed my heart and the heart of my son.


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