Friday, May 24, 2013

A side venture - From Our Home To Yours

Oh, I forgot to mention the other reason for my scarce posts!

I've started making and selling Bandana Bibs using Facebook and Ebay - From Our Home To Yours

Come and check out my bandana bibs - they are great for babies and young children who dribble a lot, especially when they are teething. Or just wear them as an accessory, especially in the cooler months :-)

I'm enjoying the sense of achievement when I can see the product of my efforts. I also love the feel of natural fabrics, so scouring the shops for lovely designs is also a lovely past time. Plus, with two boys, I haven't had the chance to express my own girlyness hiding within... what with lego, transformers and Star Wars ... until now!
Love, care and warm wishes, From Our Home To Yours.

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