Friday, September 11, 2015

Teaching young children about their allergies - Allergy Fun Page 2

This is a continuation on our last post Teaching young children about their allergies, based on page 1 of Allergy Fun

Meet Matthew from Allergy Fun - he can't have cow's milk. He has soy milk to make him grow bigger. His brother has rice milk. What kind of milk do you have? 

These are the types of conversations that can help a child with allergies feel like they are not the odd one out, but that we have somethings in common with some people, and some things in common with others. Everyone is unique. These discussions can be extended to "What kind of bread do you have? What kind of cakes or cookies? What kind of snacks?" No matter what particular allergy your child has, Allergy Fun will encourage them to understand more about their allergy and to always remember to have fun with friends and family.

What if my child cannot have soy milk either?
What if my child can have cow's milk?

Your child does not have to have the exact same allergies as Matthew to relate to our book. There will be children around us with different allergies, and some with none. It is helpful to be able to name other people that you know who do have allergies, so your child does not feel alone. However, it is also helpful to name people your child knows who also like kicking a ball, or who also like dancing.
Allergy education can start at any age. The earlier you start, the more normal it will seem for your young person. I remember even at age 2 our son was able to prevent an allergic reaction! Our whole family was pretty much sleep deprived thanks to this little munchkin. His dad had gone to the kitchen to warm up my son's milk early one morning. Half asleep, he had taken out the soy milk to heat, instead of the rice milk. My son exclaimed, "That's not my milk, I have rice milk!" That was a proud moment :-)

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