Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pan Fried Meat and Soup Pasta

My son loves to eat top quality meat – simply picks it up with his little fingers and feeds himself. The baby pasta I’m afraid isn’t mess free. However, it is small so that toddlers can manage to get some of it onto their spoon without too much drama. Whether they get it into their mouth will depend totally on the individual!

This recipe uses soy sauce as well as pasta. The soy sauce I used is called Tamari, reduced salt soy sauce, made by Abundant Earth. Although I should be able to use normal soy sauce with my son, the fact that this soy sauce says it is wheat free hopefully means that the company is more serious about not contaminating it with other ingredients. I am always a little wary of products made in Asia, despite what the ingredient labels say.

I used San Remo Soup Pasta – for some reason, all the other wheat pastas made by this brand say they can contain traces of milk and egg. The soup pasta is the only wheat pasta we can use made by San Remo, although I think there are wheat-free products we can probably use.

1, Slice meat into bite size pieces. Marinate in Soy sauce if you are able to, or whatever flavouring you choose to use. I have used no flavouring up to now, so my son thinks soy sauce is amazing!
2. Melt Nuttelex in a pan, or simply use whatever oil you choose.
3. Add meat and cook until just done.
4. Take out meat to cool and serve.
5. Add enough water to the pan to get the flavour from the pan.
6. Add San Remo Soup Pasta – however much you choose to cook then add water to suit. The more pasta you use, the more dilute the flavour will be. I typically cook enough for 2 meals for the little one.

 7. I let the pasta simmer until done, stirring occasionally. I only add enough water for the pasta to totally absorb. I simply add about ½C at a time, and if the pasta is not yet done, I add another ½C and stir.
This should leave with you with a moist pasta and not too much soup to splash everywhere.

If you need to cool it quickly, I add an ice cube to the bowl (use this method when the little one won’t wait!)
Of course feel free to add other vegies to it too, but for some reason our toddler doesn't seem to like it when there are multiple ingredients in a dish. He will go through and pick what he wants, leaving a very very big mess. Thus, I serve the vegies afterwards, as third course.
Hope your little one enjoys it too!


  1. On the pasta, the organic pastas are egg and traces of egg/milk free too, but so much more expensive if using for whole family. I was excited a month or so ago to get to Aldi and find that all their pasta range is totally egg/milk and traces of free so we have been using that. Cheap enough to use for the whole family and I don't worry about hubby mixing up pastas when he is feeding my son!

  2. oh, thanks for the tip! I'll have to make a trip to Aldi and check it out. We buy Coles Organic pasta - it is dearer, but not ridiculously so.

    I know what you mean about mixing up the pastas - even getting the utensils mixed up means so much more washing up! Life has certainly been easier for us since we've started cooking family meals - less washing up, less risk of contamination, and our son seems to eat more when he sees us eating the same food.

    If you have more recipe ideas, I'd love to hear them.