Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuff nobody tells you till after

Longlife Soy milk
Our son happily drinks So Good Regular Soy milk fresh from the refrigerated section- apparently this is the most fatty of soy milks. However, when I tried him on Longlife Soy milk, by the same brand, he ended up with diarrhea for 3 days! I had checked the ingredients list as well as the nutritional panel on both products. They were exactly the same. However, after a little internet research, I found a reference to the UHT process making the milk harder to digest. This is the only answer I can figure out. But no more long life milk for us. Oh, here's a tip... we couldn't get our son to drink soy milk initially but once we warmed it up slightly he loved it. Makes perfect sense when you compare it to breastmilk, but hindsight is always your friend ;-)

Our son loved the taste of Vegemite, but it gave him diarrhea for a week. For some reason, when you tell people this, they all let out a sigh and say yes, it's probably the yeast... but nobody every says anything about any problems when you tell them you're thinking about giving it to your child! Oh well, we'll give this another go in about a year when hopefully his digestive system improves.


  1. My brother was intolerant to yeast when he was a baby until late primary school when his system could tolerate it in small amounts. As a result, he also couldn't have vegemite. As a 25 year old now, he still won't eat vegemite and has been blessed to have good drinking habits as a night on the town with beers leaves him with more than just a hangover!

    Interesting what you say about the milk too, we use lactose free formula and are yet to find a milk that my son can tolerate as well as like. Unfortunately he can tolerate both soy and rice milk, but doesn't like them... we tried the lactose free long life and the lactose free fresh milk with no luck. Tried goats milk but there is still something there that when it isn't cooked, he can't tolerate it. Occasionally he will eat a soy babycino so I am hopeful one day too, that he will drink soy milk. I will keep in mind what you've said about UHT and fresh milk. That is very handy to know.

    1. I think somehow our bodies know what is not good for us and it doesn't taste any good... well, mostly anyway. I try to give our son pure things to try now, rather than hiding it, so that he can reject it if he needs to.

      But, with so many diet restricitons, a fussy eater makes for a very tired mum! Can your son eat cheese? or perhaps even icecream?? As long as they can get their calcium intake somehow - it doesn't really matter!