Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping headaches

It's been ages since I've gone out with our son to do shopping. This is a good and bad thing. I've started home deliveries of fruit and veg, as well as deliveries of meat and fish from Aussie Farmer's Direct ever since returning to work part time. I definitely recommend this for the busy people out there, although it does force you to be a little creative when you get herbs and large bunches of celery every now and then.

Anyway, I decided to go shopping the other day - just to pick up a few things from the local shopping center. Our son was securely strapped into a pram, I had a number of yummy treats and even bought another motorcycle sticker book we happened to see along the way. Went into the health store to find a new treat I'd seen another mum have. Also thought I'd buy another bottle of calcium supplements since our boy is getting very very sick of his soy milk. Simple right?

We're at the counter, paying for it all, when I look down and realise our little treasure has reached out to the rows of colourful goats milk soap handily available at the checkout. I quickly swing the pram around to keep things our of reach, put the life-threatening bar of soap back and dive into my bag in search of ever ready baby wipes. "Yes, credit thanks... no just a signature..." while I frantically wipe his hands clean, trying to see any signs of rash or reaction.

Then, when we leave the shop and our son is insisting on a "robot" supplement, I open the bottle then realise I've bought the wrong tablets.

Ah, now I remember why I've stopped trying to do the shopping with our son in tow...

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