Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dietician's ideas at 2

We went to our allergy dietician when our son turned 2 and I thought I'd put down some of the comments she made that may be interesting for other parents out there. We're often wondering whether we are doing it right or not, so having a guide has helped.

Calcium - our aim is 600mg of Calcium a day. Previously, drinking about 500ml of So Good Regular Soy has been our son's main source of Calcium. However, lately he's getting pretty sick of the same old drink. Some days he drinks well, other days not so much. Now, I've conceeded to giving him a Calcium supplement that has 125mg Ca in one tablet on most days to make up for it. Other products like soy cheese or soy yoghurt could be other options, but our son still can't digest the soy yoghurt and if you've ever tasted soy cheese, you'll know it's disgusting!

Fluids - we were told we should aim for 1 litre a day of liquid. This includes milk of course, and any other water that may be in fruit or other foods. I have to admit we fall pretty short on this one. I've been working off the consistency that comes out the other end... if it's too hard, then try harder I guess. Jelly seems to be a good way to add water, but I try and keep it as a snack during the day so his belly isn't artificially full.

Meat - 150g/day is the aim. Our family has a heritage in cattle farming, so I'm proud to say our son probably has double this most days! Yup, our food bill is a bit high, but we our boy sure has muscle! We have a mixture of beef, chicken, lamb and salmon. Oh, here's a funny one... I just realised the other day that Veal is actually the same animal as Beef, therefore our son can eat it. Hooray! We tried pork the other day, but I'm pretty sure we got a rash. Oh well, back to the end of the list again.

Fruit/Veg - the aim is 3 tennis balls a day. We're fortunuate on this front because our son loves his veg. His favourites at the moment are cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden and mandarins which he loves to peel on his own. The problem is getting him to eat one before he can peel another.

... and that's it!

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