Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where is the me?

You'll notice that my posts have dropped off in frequency. You'll also notice a lack of new recipes.

Why? Well, I think it must have to do with returning to work. I know lots of people do it. I know I shouldn't complain because life's pretty good really. I know I know I know.

But seriously, let's look at what's changed so maybe I can understand rather than just know?

For the past 12 months I've enjoyed taking my son to occasional care for about 3 hours a week. During those 12 months, I think I only ever came home to sleep on one occasion. All other times were spent window shopping, shopping, catching up with friends, and the occasional doctor's appt. NEVER did I actually return home to do the housework, as I know others do.

The result was a much happier mum who took comfort knowing there was another person beside herself and her husband who would look after our son... for whatever reason. The other result was some time when I could check out that dress, who knows, maybe even try it on! Time to myself, when I didn't need to worry about the welfare of others and I could be a little bit care free. To tell you the truth, many a times were spent at KFC! Aaah, the memories...

Now that I'm working, there doesn't seem to be time for me anymore... It's a mad rush to get to childcare, it's a mad rush at work getting through all the dramas, then it's a mad rush picking up our son from childcare and cooking dinner etc. The days at home are fewer, so time to catch up with other mums has diminished as has time for even grocery shopping which tends to happen after 9pm now a days.

Yup, this is a winge... Where is the me? I don't know! I need time to find it again, and when I do, I'm sure I'll be the happier for it, as will my son and husband...

OK, time to book an extra childcare day, have some "me time" and start a new school term refreshed and ready. It'll be worth it :-)


  1. Ahhh Grace! I COMPLETELY empathize. If we think about it, we've gone from "look after me, I'm pregnant", to being nonstop 'self-sacrificing' for the last 2 years!! That's huge. I think a few reliable extra hours to "just you" sounds divine. There's a mental battle too, if there's no rest in sight! Xo

  2. How true Mei, those mental battles are probably the most difficult to overcome... one step at a time :-) Childcare Thursday here I come!

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