Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinosaur Quiz

Which scenario is more dangerous for our little boy when we go to a party or playground?
       A: Another kid running around with a pair of sharp scissors in his hand
       B: Another kid running around with a cookie in her hand
       C: Another kid running around with an icecream
       D: A real life dinosaur
       E: All of the above

We just had a lovely weekend expedition to the Scienceworks Museum in Melbourne. It's a hands on experience for kids of all ages - a chance to see robotic dinosaurs, pretend to be a builder and use pint-sized wheelbarrows, look at insects large and small - a chance to have a lot of fun basically.

Well, we did have a lot of fun but I couldn't help getting annoyed when the playground was filled with all sized children running around with food. The bonus of this museum is that they do not allow food to be consumed inside the premises, so all the exhibits/toys should be food-free. BUT, this is somehow excuse to some parents to allow their kids to run around the outside playground while munching, dropping, and smearing food all over the play equipment. Nice.

I think this is so irritating to me on two fronts. First is the food allergy front of course which by now all you readers will be accustomed with! The second is that these situations are making me realise that my role as mum will be to advocate for changes at school and in other public spaces for the safety of my child. My nature is very re-conciliatory... in other words, I'd do nearly anything to avoid conflict... yes let's try and figure out another solution... But, I can see some future battles looming and I'll simply have to step out of my normal operandis and embrace a much tougher approach... perhaps I need to take some tips from the dinosaurs?

Oh, the answer is E: All of the above.

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