Monday, August 1, 2011

Soy everything!

The most amusing aspect of using soy products is that our son now thinks that if everything is soy based, he can eat it! I tell him that he can't eat cow's cheese, but he can have soy cheese. He can't have cow's milk, but he can have soy milk. So when Playschool, a children's program he absolutely loves, had adults making crackers with peanut butter, he asked if he could eat it. I said, "No Matthew, peanut butter will make you sick." His reply? "Not peanut butter, SOY peanut butter." Ah, if only life was that simple!

Our son has tried a lot of new Soy products recently - I'm not necessarily a fan, but he seems alright with some of them. There's a peculiar taste about them, but if you've never had the dairy equivalent, perhaps you wouldn't mind. Ice-cream is a particular favourite, especially since the children on TV always seem to be eating it.

I serve it in mini cones made by Altimate - they contain wheat and soy, but apart from that, are everything else free. Actually, our son used to eat them plain before he was allowed icecream - I told him it was a rocket and he was pretty happy with that. The mini cones are perfect for small hands and mouths, but expect some mess as it starts to melt.

Our son still has digestive problems with long life or UHT soy milk, so I only give him small serves of these products at a time. As with anything else, always check the labels every time you buy it.

So Good Soy Icecream - chocolate flavour

Kingland Soy Cream Cheese - our son quite likes little spoonfuls of this stuff - a little bit sour for some reason, but not too bad. I think some people use this in lasagna type recipes, so perhaps if it's melted it could be nice too.

Kingland Soy Youghurt - I really dislike this one, and our son was not keen either. We only tried the plain flavour - perhaps the fruit flavours are better. I thought I'd put it in the list, just in case others have different taste buds.


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