Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy Peasy Jam Tarts

This has got to be about the easiest egg free, milk free, nut free snack you could make with a toddler. Our son was watching an episode of Fireman Sam when he saw the characters enjoying Jam Tarts. Imagine how excited he was when I said, "yes, we can make them right now!"

We used Coles Canola Puff Pastry (dairy free, but contains gluten) which is pre-rolled and kept in the freezer. You could make any shapes you like, but we used a circle shape for the base, topped it with some fruit jam and a star shape on top. Bake according to the pastry instructions - about 15 mins at 220deg C. I also made some with a square of Sweet William Dairy free chocolate placed underneath the star, but I think the jam ones were better.

These were fun and easy to make and also look and taste great! I hope you enjoy them.

1 comment:

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