Monday, April 18, 2016

Multicultural Allergy Awareness

Multicultural Allergy awareness is crucial for the lives of our little ones. Here is a message from one of our Allergy Mums - PLEASE share this message for others to read on Facebook, Pinterest... anywhere and everywhere you can.

This is just a request to spread the word about anaphylaxis (life threatening allergies). Yesterday my 2 year old son was in hospital for an anaphylactic reaction after another mum gave him a biscuit. I needed to administer his epipen and call an ambulance as his legs stopped working, he vomited and developed hives. The epipen did it's job as he could still breath.
The other mum didn't speak English so there was a language barrier there. I was sitting right there when I saw her offer it to him. I said 'no thanks, he has allergies'. It turns out she had already offered him one and he took it and ate it (he's 2) but I didn't see because his back was towards me; I was responding to the second offer....
I'm not blaming that other mum as the onus was on me to keep an eye on him - I guess I dropped the ball there.
I would encourage people to spread the word, especially to translate this to their non English speaking family and friends. It's a huge cultural thing to share food and it's an easy and generous thing to do without knowing about anaphylaxis.
I know allergies are on the rise and that some people may find other kids/people with allergies an inconvenience to their lunchbox and eating experience. I have attached a picture of this inconvenience, who also happens to be the light of my life.
Share toys, not food.
Allergy mum

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