Thursday, September 15, 2016

Introduction to Managing Food Allergies for Children and Families

If your child has been recently diagnosed with a food allergy, or you are feeling overwhelmed by a new stage in allergy management, please register your interest for this presentation being held in Melbourne.

Doctors and specialists are great at diagnosing and prescribing medication for the allergies we have. However, when our son was first diagnosed with multiple food allergies, including anaphylaxis, there was little support for the every day challenges we would encounter. Over the years we have gathered plenty of information, talked to many many other allergy families, and of course we have done the hard yards of learning things as we go.

It is my hope, to equip and enable parents who are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of food allergies.

By providing practical information and emotional support, we can enable each other to enjoy the fullness of life again, albeit in a slightly different manner. Please register your interest via email or phone. If you are not able to attend this specific date, please feel free to contact us for upcoming events and opportunities.


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