Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annoying products

In the early days, our son had rashes that didn’t seem to go away. We tried a myriad of things but now I know that so much of what we tried probably actually made him worse. We had samples of baby creams all over the house from all the freebie bags you get from shops and hospitals. I had to throw out so many because they all contained milk derivatives or nut oils in them. Here are some examples:

Dermaveen Oatmeal wash – supposed to help sensitive skin, but would have made it worse since he was actually anaphylactic to oatmeal! Just as well he didn’t swallow too much of the bath water.
Bepanthen and Cetaphil – Both these baby creams had almond oil or other nut oils in them. Why do they do this when many babies are sensitive to this kind of stuff?!?!
Bonjela Teething gel – contains alcohol! Matthew came up in a rash pretty quick around the mouth – to be expected, since I’m allergic to alcohol. Who makes this stuff?! Should’ve read the label more carefully… now I read and read again, just to make sure.

Sudocream – actually rang the helpline and they reassured me there are no nut oils used. Hallelujah, a cream we can use!
QV Oil and Dermeeze – both of these are manufactured oils which makes the naturalist in me resistant, but the reality now is the more manufactured it is the better, since our son’s allergies are to so many things natural!

And so far as food additives and preservatives – I just laugh when people say “oh no, that has MSG in it…” I don’t know what his reaction to MSG is yet, but I’m pretty pretty sure it will be nothing compared to his reaction should he taste all the “healthy” alternatives with milk and egg in it. Give me additives and preservatives any day.


  1. We love Billy goat soap, as it helped our son with his eczema. Soaps like johnsons & johnsons, Gaia, aveda, mustela did nothing for him! Other goat milk soaps didn't seem to help either. How was your son with the cortisone creams?

  2. At his peak, our son was on three different cortisone creams. They did wonders for his skin, but until we finally eliminated the causes, the rashes always came back. Interesting to know though - our specialist told us we should use the cortisone creams for 3 days after the rash has cleared. This is to make sure the skin beneath is cleared. Otherwise, the original rash still comes back.
    I have heard good things about goats milk soap. Unfortunately our son's milk allergies extends to all animal milks, including goats. Glad it makes your kids more soft and cuddly though.