Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rice and Corn only products

Most of these products use Rice and Corn, with some golden syrup or honey for added flavour. Be sure to read the ingredient list yourself when you buy it. Don't just trust me... I'm just here to give you ideas of where to look, so you don't have to spend hours scouring the supermarket shelves. Try it in small amounts only first to see whether there are any reactive allergens.

Rice Cakes – Pure Harvest Natural
Biscuits - Orgran make a range of animal bisuits with some added vanilla. We've tried the chocolate ones, because apparently cocoa is less likely to cause a reaction than chocolate. My son didn't eat much of it though - mainly smeared it all over a friend's toys... oops.
Cereals, which can also be snacks
Corn Flakes – Freedom Foods
Rice Puffs with psyllium – Freedom Foods
Basco Honey Rings

Main meals
Orgran make a heap of rice and corn pastas, but the only problem is they're more delicate and don't taste as nice when heated up for another meal. But, if you combine it with a sauce it probably isn't too bad. I only put melted Nuttelex with it, so it was a little bland.
There are quite a number of other brands that do rice/corn pasta, just check in your local health food shop.

Polenta is a pure corn option which is classified as a carb, rather than a vegetable. This works well when cut into cubes for small fingers.

Many asian grocers will sell rice noodles, but I haven't tried them yet on my son since I wasn't sure what their quality control would be like. If you've had a good or bad experience with these, I'd be interested to know.

Tinned corn kernels or baby corn spears.

Plain rice of course! With maybe some Nuttelex melted through for flavour. Soy sauce is another option but I'm yet to try that. I know we used to love it as kids... mmmm... soy sauce...

Risotto balls  - I used to make a sticky rissoto with rice, chicken mince, pumpkin and zuchinni, I'll put a recipe up soon for this, with some photos of how to make the balls so little fingers can pick it up easily.

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