Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebration ideas - Turning 1

I’ve always loved birthdays and treasure the pictures throughout my childhood with me and my cake… oh and friends and family of course! To celebrate our son’s first birthday I had to think very much outside the square since he couldn’t eat any wheat, egg or milk. He hadn’t even tried gelatin yet so jelly was out of the question.

Here’s the starting photo…

Yes, it’s a skinned watermelon…

transformed into a Big Red Car with rice crackers as wheels! It did get very messy so all celebrations were done outside but our son loved it – he got to have his cake and eat it too. 

The best part is we discovered a new food for him – rice crackers with watermelon smeared all over it – a great alternative to jam!

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  1. Oh yeah I remember those photos on your facebook and I was very amazed! Matt is blessed with one very creative mom. I might do the same too when my son turns one, watermelon will be such a healthy alternative to cakes... except that it's going to be winter!