Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool inventions

The Tiny Diner by Kiddopotamus
 We got this from a good friend for a birthday present and it's such a fantastic idea, it's a wonder I hadn't seen it before! It's basically a silicone placemat with suction cups to attach it onto tables. It also has a little trough at one end for the little bits that inevitably fall off the table, so nothing is wasted... well... less is wasted. From an allergy perspective it's been great. We always wipe all surfaces down ourselves with disposable wipes, but having an additional layer of protection is terrific! It rolls up nicely to fit in your bag so it's ready all the time. Easy to wash, easy to use... what more could you ask for?! Seriously though, what a great invention for allergy or non allergy kids (and mums). Thanks Mei!

Silicone bibs by Tommee Tippee
These are also fantastic. Of course we use them at home, but when we're out and about, I simply put the food in the trough while our son is in the pram or trolley, then he helps himself. When we use small containers, our son inevitably gets distracted and drops the container, along with all its contents. Then when he's done I simply roll it all up sometimes with the food still in it, to empty and wash when I get home. I also use it to put cutlery into when we're heading out, to keep it nice and clean, ready to go.

Silicone, what a wonderful invention.

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