Saturday, May 7, 2011

More nibbles and snacks

Here is the latest list of products I've discovered - not such a bad list when you look at it!

Sweet William Dairy Free chocolate - this comes in snack bars as well as choc chips and contains sugar, cocoa and soy. The snack bars go everywhere with me... just in case! The choc chips are a new discovery and work a treat when you want your little one to eat slowly... the little chips are so tiny! Once I get inspired, I might consider making choc chip short bread... stay tuned.

Happy Baby Organic Puffs - no diary, no corn, no soy, but does contain gluten. These are little circular cereal type puffs. They dissolve in your mouth, so great for little ones who can't quite chew. Our son didn't really enjoy them though since they're quite bland compared to real food. But for babies, it'd probably be fine.

Popcorm - cooked in sunflower oil by mum of course. Topped with melted Nuttelex. I put these in a ziplock bag and our son loves being able to get them out himself.

Doritos Original Corn chips - corn, vegetable oil and salt.

Red Rock Deli Potatoe chips - Sea salt flavour - contains potatoe, sunflower oil and salt.

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