Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kitchen nightmares

"I'm so over it... I'm so sick of having to cook everything separately..." I'm sure these are words that will come out of my mouth very often in the years to come... pity my husband... His response: "yes, I understand..." Haha, we've just finished watching an episode of Modern Family on TV - the wife is so run off her feet she can't even make a relaxation session. So the hubby goes instead and learns just what a wife wants to hear... not trying to fix it, just a compassionate ear. Well, in this case maybe I'd just like him to fix it??!

Here's an example of some of the complications associated with cooking for an allergy kid.
1.Oh dear, did I use that knife for butter or Nuttelex?
2. Darn, I should have chopped our son's things first, now I have to get another chopping board so there's no contamination.
3. Yikes, our food is splattering - better finish cooking our son's food first so it doesn't get contamination.
4. Where are those darn tongs just for our son? Oh, there they are... is that the right chopping board I placed it on or did I cut something else on there?
5. Oops, more splatter, better wipe the floor clean before our son comes in.
6. Better wash my hands again to avoid contamination.
7. S*#?! I forgot about that bit, now it's overcooked!

If the phone rings or my son comes in, my brain just about explodes! Life is crazy and I don't really have many answers in this regard.

What I am grateful for though is a very supportive husband. His answer in the end was a reminder that we should have more leftovers rather than cooking every night, for ourselves at least. Yes, it takes a bit more planning, but would be worth it. Plus, on a weekend he can help cook too. Bless him!

What about other allergy mums? What do you do??


  1. Wow. The kids are so active it's physically draining - plus the constant mental alertness must surely be so tiring. Hang in there...

  2. yes some times it gets a bit much, my husband works out of town so he is only home for 3 days every two weeks so he isnt much help. lol. I found it was easier cooking Rhylans food for me and the girls and some nights adding the extra ingredients but basically the same meal. I always think what could I have done differently when I was pregnant. What caused this because our two girls dont have the allergies. You blame yourself because they have the allergies and you blame yourself because you cant fix them. You have your down moments and then you think to yourself there is alot of ppl worse off, and you keep going:)