Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Egg and Dairy free pancakes

Brunch is definitely a favourite in our house, so finding a recipe that our son can eat and that we can also enjoy is a wonderful thing. Our son has his served plain or with honey or jam. We have ours served with yummy yoghurt and other fruits like banana, berries, stonefruit - whatever your heart desires! Oh, and don't forget a splash of maple syrup.

For a bit of fun, you can get your little one to help stir. Or you could place the fruit in a ziplock plastic bag then let your little one squish it all up, without any mess! If you have an extra pair of arms, they love watching the bubbles form on the edge of the pancakes before you flip it over. But I wouldn't let them stand too close on their own because you would be amazed how fast and how far little arms can reach when something looks exciting.

For an extra challenge, you can try making different shapes, like the motorbike below! Of course, you can't blame them for wanting to then play with their food. Have fun and happy eating!

1/2 C self-raising flour
1T caster sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence
Mashed fruit - equivalent of 1 medium pear, banana, apple, peach, or 1T honey.

Mix together flour and sugar.
Make a well in the centre of the flour then add vanilla and fruit. Combine with fork.
Add soy milk a little at a time until there are no lumps.
If you want thick pancakes, use less milk. For thinner pancakes add more milk.
Cook in frypan with a little melted Nuttelex or other approved oil.

2015 Postscript: I actually place all the ingredients into a food processor now and simply blend! I triple the recipe for our family of four, leaving us a few as leftovers for the next day. You can try using a mixture of fruits and honey when you are multiplying the recipe.


  1. That motorcycle is so cool! Did you have to make a bunch of them before you got the shape right? You could make a whole bikie gang :D

  2. Great idea Joy, our son would love that! No, didn't take too long. Start with the wheels, followed by the body and handles last. I also did an octopus that looked more like a jelly fish.

  3. Delicious! Thanks for this recipe allergyfun. I made these for breakfast this morning after loving them at childcare the last couple of weeks! Not just for the kiddies! Great with strawberries and banana on top - yum! Will be a regular and convenient weekend breakfast at my house.

    What a fantastic blog as well. I heard about it last week & have been eagerly awaiting the time to read it! It's a great idea, and as a carer of your beautiful boy - it gives us peace of mind, ideas for food alternatives and generally helps in maintaining his wellbeing while in our care.

    Thanks again for the recipe,
    See you next week,


  4. So glad you're enjoying the pancakes Jacqui. Yes, although allergies puts limitations on the foods our son eats, it forces us to be more creative with the ingredients we can use and sometimes the results are surprisingly yummy! I'm wondering whether our childcare cooks should perhaps put some guest recipes on here too - afterall, our son loves it there so much and eats so well! I actually think he prefers the food there because he's pretty sick of my meat and carb combinations. Post away!